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Joseph Renzulli and Marcia Gentry

Gifted Education

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Written by two of the most respected authorities in the field of Gifted Education, Joseph Renzulli and Marcia Gentry, this reference guide provides a comprehensive understanding of how the gifts and talents of all students can be met through the use of enrichment clusters. Enrichment clusters engage students and facilitators in interest-based, student-driven, real-world learning experiences. Grouped by interest, students apply advanced content and methods to develop products and services for authentic audiences, like practicing professionals. Clusters can be scheduled during the school day over an extended period of time and involve all students.

This reference guide provides valuable information on how principals and teachers can implement Enrichment Clusters, including the key features of enrichment clusters, guidelines for design, scheduling issues, and tips for evaluation. Some exemplars are also provided to assist with the design. Learn a powerful way to provide gifted education strategies to all of your students.

Laminated reference guide; 4 pages. 2011

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