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Kristi Sakai. Foreword by Brenda Smith Myles

Finding Our Way

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Catalog No. 22567

This book, written by the mother of three children on the autism spectrum, targets the major issues families face in creating a comfortable environment for every family member.

With a balance of heart-warming and side-splitting humor, the author presents countless practical tools for dealing with everything from home-school relations to organization to just getting through a trip to the grocery store.

"I recommend this to parents, looking for help and professionals seeking to better understand Asperger's from an insider's view."--Jeanie McAfee, MD, director, Social Solutions Clinic

Kristi Sakai is the single mom of 3 children with autism. She's a counselor, instructor and passionate advocate. Her Finding Our Way is an Autism Society's Literary Work of the Year winner. Kristi aspires to raise caring, compassionate, functional human beings while maintaining her sense of humor. On her journey she's cried at IEP meetings, hugged strangers, adopted stray cats and made the most amazing friends anyone could ever wish for.

208 pages. 2005

Catalog # 22567

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