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Edited by Gail Ensher, David Clark and Nancy Songer

Families, Infants, and Young Children at Risk

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Catalog No. 25917This textbook and professional reference offers early interventionists across multiple disciplines clear information on the development of young children as well as risk factors and environmental circumstances that can hinder a child's development. Families, Infants, and Young Children at Risk

Authors: Gail L. Ensher, David A. Clark, The Late Nancy S. Songer M.S. Invited Contributors: Heidi A. Baldwin, Ellen B. Barnes PhD, Dona C. Bauman PhD, Toni S.P. Bell, Deborah A. Bryden M.S., CAS, Michelle L. Eastman MS, RNC, NNP-BC, Marilyn A. Fisher, Susan Arana Furdon MS, RNC, NNP-BC, Gretchen Kinnell, Ava E. Kleinmann PhD, Linda J. Levy MS, RNC, NNP, Upender K. Munshi MD (Paed), MBBS, Janet O'Flynn M.S., OTR/L, Margo A. Nish M.S., CAS, Christy Cook Pica, Carol Reinson PhD, OTR/L, Angel Rios, Loretta (Lori) Saile M.S., Jill R. Weldum

The clearest, most comprehensive text available on the neurological and psycho-social development of children from birth to 8, this cutting-edge book will be the cornerstone of every early interventionist's education. Essential for preservice professionals across multiple disciplines--and for inservice practitioners in search of a reference they can trust-- this textbook helps readers fully understand child development, address the complex needs of children with disabilities and their families, and skillfully connect the latest clinical knowledge with everyday practice.

Illustrated with dozens of engaging and instructive photos, this text helps future professionals in education, medicine, and related clinical fields

meet state requirements for training in early childhood special education with complete coverage of the birth-8 period

understand the full range of issues-medical, psychosocial, cultural, developmental, and educational-affecting child development

ensure strong partnerships with professionals and families by learning about other disciplines and understanding the challenges parents face

address social-emotional factors at every stage of a child's early development

discover how clinical issues affect children in educational settings after the critical transition to school

develop sensitivity to diverse family needs through eye-opening vignettes and child-family studies

With this accessible core textbook and professional reference, early interventionists will be ready to work effectively with children who have or are at risk for developmental delays--and pool their knowledge and resources with professionals across disciplines to ensure the best outcomes for children and families.

Together, we're always better. More fun, too.

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