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Richard Ehrlich and Barbara Firestone

Faces of Promise: Looking Beyond Autism

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A collaboration between a fine art photographer and surgeon and the CEO of a world-renowned nonprofit group in Los Angeles serving children with autism disorder and special needs, this photoessay book illustrates the dignity of children on the autism spectrum.

This beautifully produced book serves to counteract the uninformed and erroneous stereotypes many hold about autism.

Praise for Barbara Firestone's previous book, Autism Heroes:

"Few have the combination of compassion, rigorous knowledge, passion for the field, and accomplishments in helping literally thousands of children with autism spectrum disorders as does Barbara Firestone."--Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution

"Barbara Firestone's book is truly an inspiration that carries an important message of hope. A must read for families everywhere beginning their journey."--Nancy D. Wiseman, First Signs

"Autism Heroes is a gift to the autism community. Raising a child with autism has never been easy, but it just got easier, thanks to Barbara Firestone's wisdom and compassion. Pediatricians can now say to families coping with a new diagnosis, have I got a book for you!"--Eileen Costello, MD

"Firestone is the president and founder of the Help Group of Los Angeles, which serves children with a variety of special needs, including autism. The book is closely tied with the group; all of the families featured come from Southern California, including actors Joe Mantegna and Gary Cole and baseball pitcher Jim Gott. An excellent entry in the literature of autism and disability; strongly recommended for public libraries and academic libraries with disability studies collections."--Library Journal

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