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Sandra Rief

Executive Function

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Catalog No. 27460

All teachers have some students who are intelligent and capable, but have weaknesses in "executive function" skills which impact their performance in the classroom and cause a number of difficulties.

In recent years, the role of the brain's "executive functions" (EF) on school success has gained a great deal of attention because these functions are the central control processes that enable students to perform goal-directed behavior.

Chronic lateness and missing deadlines, forgetting to turn in assignments, poor organization and time management, difficulty getting started on and completing tasks significantly affects success in and out of school. This guide provides practical strategies for helping students strengthen EF skills, as well as key supports and accommodations that are so important for students with EF impairment (those with AD/HD). Strategies are designed to address the key components of EF, such as:

... working memory

... prioritizing

... metacognition

... planning and organizing

... activation/task initiation

This reference is a valuable tool for all teachers who want to foster development of EF skills and provide specific interventions to help those who struggle.

4 pages. 2011

Catalog # 27460

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