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Silvia L. DeRuvo

The Essential Guide to RTI:

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A practical, hands-on guide that helps teachers fulfill the promise of RTI

Filled with practical tools and step-by-step guidelines, this book shows teachers how to implement RTI effectively. This valuable resource helps teachers assess a school's or classroom's readiness to begin the implementation process, and offers extensive resources to help educators identify appropriate screening and progress monitoring tools for students. DeRuvo provides dozens of effective research-based interventions and instructional strategies that teachers can implement immediately in their classrooms, and offers guidelines for selecting additional curricula and strategies to support students with diverse needs.

Includes easy and efficient progress monitoring strategies to measure RTI effectiveness

Written by veteran educator and active teacher trainer, Silva DeRuvo

Provides helpful advice for effective collaboration between teachers

The book includes strategies for joint curriculum mapping, as well as for measuring student mastery of identified content area standards.

From the Back Cover

Filled with the "why," the "what," and the "how," this essential resource provides practical tools and step-by-step guidelines for school and district teams to effectively implement Response to Intervention (RTI) with all students--including students with disabilities and English language learners--within an integrated, standards-aligned system.

Veteran educator and RTI technical assistance provider Silvia DeRuvo gives schools and districts the tools they need to assess a school's or a district's readiness to begin implementation, and offers extensive resources to help identify appropriate data-based decision-making tools for effective implementation. The book also provides dozens of effective research-based interventions and instructional strategies that teachers can put in place immediately in their classrooms and offers guidelines for selecting additional evidence-based curricula and strategies to support students with diverse needs.

The Essential Guide to RTI includes a wealth of information for teachers, providing:

Evidence-based practices that foster good teaching and positive outcomes for every student

Step-by-step guidelines to facilitate the change necessary for initial implementation

Concrete advice on developing an effective action plan

Processes for identifying essential standards that focus instruction for all students

Best practices for implementing school-wide positive behavioral supports (PBS)

In addition, the book includes tools that support effective collaborative practices and provides a framework for instructional models that integrate special education and services for English Learners within the RTI structure.

"Silvia DeRuvo's new book on RTI is not just another RTI book to put on the shelf. It is insightful and practical. Any administrator wanting to improve all student performance and options in life should own and use this book."--Jennifer Luke-Payne, district education specialist, specializing in special education, Hawaii Department of Education, Castle/Kahuku Complex Area, Windward Oahu District

"Bringing about meaningful learning to all students is a messy, complicated journey that can be overwhelming. As an educator, you need the best tools available. DeRuvo's Essential Guide to RTI is that one tool that made all the difference at my school--and it will yours."--Blanca Estrada, staff development specialist (RTI specialist), Lennox Middle School 6, Lennox, California



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