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Karyn Seroussi and Lisa S. Lewis

The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions for the Treatment of Autism and Related Disorders

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In 1995, Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis created an international parent network that has educated thousands about dietary and biomedical interventions for autism.

Thirteen years, three books, countless conferences, and over fifty thousand emails later, they decided to put it all together. The sum of their knowledge is here, in one easy-to-use reference guide.

There is still a great deal to learn about childhood disorders like autism and ADD, but we do know that for some individuals, changes in diet can make a significant difference. In addition to improved physical symptoms (such as skin rashes or digestive problems), behavioral and learning problems can also improve through dietary intervention. This reference guide includes discussion of the research behind dietary interventions and the principles behind the different types of diets discussed.

The Encyclopedia for Dietary Interventions is an easy-to-use reference guide. Its alphabetized entries include all the important terms, concepts and theories behind every diet currently being used, as well as a thorough discussion of the diets themselves. The length of entries varies, with long entries for complicated concepts and short definitions for simpler terms. Extensive footnotes will lead the interested reader to primary and secondary references.

Physicians who see patients on the autism spectrum will find the book a useful resource, and will want to recommend it to parents. Parents struggling to keep up with the latest theories will find it a life-saving reference.

"Dietary intervention is one of the most successful medical treatments for individuals with autism disorders, and a comprehensive reference guide has been long overdue. This is a book I will be recommending for all of my patients."--Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD, Director, International Child Development Resource Center.

"This book is a godsend for those of us who thought we didn't have the time or energy for special diets!"--Katherine Ebbesen Roer, autism advocate and parent

223 pages. 2008

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