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Georgia DeGangi and Anne Kendal

Effective Parenting for the Hard-to-Manage Child

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Catalog No. 25686Parents of children who are intense and extreme in their responses to everyday experiences often lack the resources necessary to target an effective treatment plan. Effective Parenting for the Hard-to-Manage Child is a skills-based book for parents, which focuses on specific treatment strategies for infants through school-aged children who are intense, highly reactive to stimulation, and unable to self-calm. Some of these children seek intensity in interactions while others simply withdraw completely from the outside world; either way, they are inflexible and unable to adapt to change. Their responses are often inconsistent and unpredictable, making parenting challenging as typical methods may not work for every child.

This book addresses the varying ways that these children behave, and provides in-depth analysis and discussion of the particular problems and techniques to help parents understand what might work for their child. The authors have integrated treatment approaches from the fields of infant/child mental health, behavioral therapy, and sensory integration, and their text is written in an accessible and clear manner that will help summarize behavioral strategies. With a particular emphasis on key concepts that will help the children take charge of their problems, the authors seek to help parents learn the process of self-regulation. With thorough, specific, and relatable material included in the book, it is an invaluable resource for parents who need advice from experts without all the jargon and generalizations.

"This is a very valuable book for parents who feel out of control with a difficult child. There are valuable insights into the child's build-in reasons for being difficult. And the suggestions for helping the child learn to manage his or her own self-regulation will certainly lead to your goal as a parent--self-control and self-esteem!--T. Berry Brazelton, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, USA

"Effective Parenting for the Hard-to-Manage Child is a wonderful resource for parents struggling to understand their children's emotional and behavioral issues. Every chapter first explains common problems, and second provides strategies to assist in management of children's difficulties.--Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, founder and executive director, SPD Foundation, USA

296 pages. 2007



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