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Kenneth Shore

An Educator's Guide to Bullying Prevention

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From the author of The ABCs of Bullying Prevention and Keeping Kids Safe, this informative and comprehensive reference guide is designed for teachers and other school professionals interested in proven and practical strategies to prevent bullying in our nation's schools.

... This tri-fold laminated guide includes the following topics:

... Nature of bullying and its many forms (including "cyber-bullying")

... Signs of bullying and its impact on victims

... Specific strategies to "bully-proof" the classroom

... Role of bystanders in preventing bullying

... Proven strategies to deal with bullying

... Print, Media, and Web-based resources

Packed with useful and practical strategies, this easy-to-use reference guide is a valuable resource and training tool for all educators (teachers, counselors, and administrators) committed to the elimination of bullying in our schools!

6 pages. 2009

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