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Mona M. Delahooke

Early Intervention: Brain-Based Techniques for Emotional Regulation and Challenging Behaviors

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... Effective and individually tailored treatment methods to increase early intervention success

... Neurodevelopmental integration and "bottom-up"/" top-down" techniques

... Prioritize developmentally appropriate treatment techniques

... Support parents/caregivers and secure maximum "buy-in"

... Avoid commonly used intervention strategies that can backfire and create roadblocks

Infants, toddlers and young children are being referred to clinicians for a range of conditions including autism spectrum disorder, communication delays, challenging behaviors, and anxiety. These are children having difficulty with emotional regulation, separations, preschool, activities of daily living, and peer interactions. Complete this workshop and discover sound and developmentally-appropriate strategies based on each child's neurodevelopmental readiness that will change the way you treat young children and their families.

Join Dr. Mona Delahooke for this cutting-edge seminar and learn strategies you can implement immediately with infants, toddlers and young children. Dr. Delahooke will teach you how to customize treatment using "bottom-up" and "top-down" brain integration techniques applicable to a range of early childhood diagnoses including:

... Autism Spectrum Disorder

... Communication delays

... Challenging behaviors

... Anxiety

Through case studies, video examples and interaction with the instructor, you will discover how and when to use specific treatment techniques based on each child's unique individual profile.

Mona M. Delahooke, PhD, is a clinical psychologist specializing in the development of infants, young children, and their families. As an infant mental health specialist, she has worked widely with multi-disciplinary teams, supporting children with developmental or emotional delays for over 20 years. Dr. Delahooke is a senior faculty member and Mental Health Working Group Co-Chair of the Profectum Foundation and core faculty of the Early Intervention Training Institute (EITI) of the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic. She holds a certificate as an expert DIR clinician and trainer. Currently in private practice in Arcadia, California, Dr. Delahooke trains/consults with parents, preschools, and school districts across the country in the areas of developmental screening, assessment, treatment and early intervention.

Running time: 4 hours. 2015

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