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Cherie Rae


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Welcome to DyslexiaLand...!

It may be an imaginary place, but DyslexiaLand is very real for the 1 in 5 students with dyslexia. In this unique new book, Dyslexia Project founder Cheri Rae shares the best ways to provide students with dyslexia the appropriate education they deserve.

The pocket-sized guide comes complete with a colorful foldout map of DyslexiaLand plus insider tips designed to help parents get essential information fast, including how to:

. Identify your student's strengths and challenges, meet with teachers, and effectively advocate for your child.

. Avoid Humiliation Hills, cross the River of Denial and reach the Land of Full Potential.

. Turn obstacles into opportunities, stresses into successes, and how high tech can be a huge help.

"When one adult takes charge as an unshakable advocate, a student's chances for success greatly increase," adds Rae, who speaks as the mother of a child with dyslexia.

Cheri Rae first tackled the issue of dyslexia ten years ago when compelled to learn to advocate for her son. An award-winning newspaper columnist and magazine editor, Cheri began sharing stories about the challenges faced by kids with dyslexia in print and online. After an article she wrote "wnt viral" and parents from across the US requested her help, Cheri took actionand founded The Dylexia Project to advocate for kids (and adults) with dsyslexia. Her work includes presentations about dyslexia to schoolchildren, meeting one-on-one with parents and speaking toe parent groups. As a consultant to the Santa Barbara Unified School District, she has help organize teacher trainings and spearheaded creation of the Parent Resource Center. Cheri was named a "Local Hero" by the Santa Barbara Independent for her efforts on behalf of kids with dyslexia.

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48 pages. 2014



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