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Will Schermerhorn

Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months DVD

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Now with soundtracks in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Vietnamese!

Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months provides new parents with hope for the future and essential knowledge about their child with Down syndrome. International and US experts, plus knowledgeable parents, give a view of the early years of Down syndrome that is honest, positive and practical. Full of adorable images of babies with Down syndrome, the video offers inspiring stories and practical information from parents who have "been there."

An inspiring and educational video for parents who want to know more, and an excellent tool for support groups, medical professionals, and libraries.


SECTION 1: The Newborn

... A New Baby

Focus on the changes a baby with Down syndrome can bring to families--and why not to focus on it.

... Health Care for Newborns: Advice and steps to take in the first few days of life.

... Focus On: Breastfeeding: Practical information on overcoming breastfeeding challenges from birth.

SECTION 2: Health Concerns

... Working with Professionals. Strategies for talking to health care professionals about Down syndrome.

... Ear, Nose and Throat: Dr. Sally Shott leads the discussion of ENT and related concerns.

... Nutrition and Mealtimes: An introduction to the nutritional needs of children with Down syndrome.

... Little Teeth: Common problems with the teeth of young children with Down syndrome.

SECTION 3: Therapies

... Therapies Overview: What therapists do, why they do it, and a bit about how they do it.

... A Story: The Bridge: A father remembers the change he saw in his son--and himself--when he gave his son a chance to prove himself.

... Language and Speech Therapy: An introduction to the process of communication and fostering language in young children.

... Physical Therapy

Patricia Winders discusses therapeutic concerns and strategies.

... A Story: Stepping Back

Why too much therapy is not a good thing.

108 Minutes. NTSC DVD; 2003

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