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Adolph Moser. Illustrated by David Melton

Don't Despair on Thursdays

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Using simple language, Don't Despair on Thursdays examines how to deal with feelings of grief when people or pets die, or when friends move away. This is one of Dr. Adolph Moser's Emotional Impact series of books written for young people aged 9-12 about matters they experience daily, such as getting angry, dealing with divorce, and stress.

"This is a book you hope and pray children will not need, but when they do need it, you will be grateful it's available for them."--Dr. Taylor McGee, HSPP, Clinical Psychologist

"This wonderful book is an invaluable resource for clinicians and everyone else who works with children."--Judy S. Freeman, LCSW, school social worker and parent

Ages 9-12. 61 pages. 2006



It's good to get together

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