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Jeffrey E. Jessum

Diary of a Social Detective

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The social world can be a mystery, even to the most savvy among us.

While social relationships are frequently a source of joy and satisfaction, they can be a source of frustration and confusion. What is someone to do if his entire social world is a mystery to him? How is a person supposed to proceed in life if she does not understand why others act the way they do, or how she is supposed to behave in order to fit in with others?

While Diary of a Social Detective is first and foremost a detective/mystery book for young readers, it also addresses these often unspoken questions and offers clear-cut, practical strategies for solving social mysteries. The book is unique in that it steps outside the usual box of social skills solutions and delivers insights, tools and solutions within an engaging storyline that kids can relate to. As a result, it has appeal not just for kids in need of social tools, but also for children ages 8+ who are simply in search of a good story.

Diary of a Social Detective chronicles the work of young Johnny who, through his own struggles to fit in, has become a well-known social detective in his school, helping other kids solve their social mysteries. The book offers kids (and the people who care for them) practical strategies for dealing with some of the most common problems kids face in everyday social situations in a way that is fun and entertaining.

"Diary of a Social Detective is a wonderful and unique book. It will make a great addition to any social skills program striving to teach social cognition to youth on the autism spectrum. In particular, the social mysteries presented in the book, and the systematic process provided to solve them, show great promise in our efforts to effectively teach perspective taking, social problem solving and knowledge of social rules. I am looking forward to adding it to our intervention tool chest at the Social Skills Research Center. "--Scott Bellini, PhD, HSPP, director, Social Skills Research Center, research and clinical director, Indiana Resource Center for Autism; author of Building Social Relationships

"This witty, captivating set of social mystery cases is interactive and full of interesting and helpful information. Readers can try to solve the cases right along with Johnny, the clever social detective. Written for youth, this book is a great tool for any child who struggles to relate with peers."--Judith Coucouvanis, MA, PMHCNS-BC, University of Michigan; author of Super Skills

"Engaging! Charming! Funny! Wise! Just naughty enough for all kids to become hooked on Johnny the Strange-turned-Johnny the Smooth. A must-read for children with social struggles. While enjoying a good story, children learn how to reflect upon themselves as they observe others; how to read body language and social cues; how to deal with bullies and loudmouths. Most important, kids are taught to take responsibility for their impact on others."--Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, author of Psyche's Veil: Psychotherapy, Fractals and Complexity and Creativity Inside Out


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