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Diana Bilezikian

Dear Diana... Diana's Guide to Independent Living

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After graduating from high school, the author attended Chapel Haven, a program for young adults with special needs and learning differences.

This practical resource is an outgrowth of a series of emails she sent to relatives and friends about her life and the skills she was learning. Backed by the president of Chapel Haven, Diana's original ideas have been expanded into a helpful collection of advice and support for how to live an independent and meaningful life. Hints and suggestions are grouped under the major headings of


Consumer and Financial Skills;

Communication and Interpersonal Skills;

Self-Care and Domestic Living;

Getting Around;

Stress Management;

Taking Charge,

Managing Priorities and Solving Problems; and

Safety and Emergencies.

"... A refreshing new voice living with learning differences ... the author uses a Dear Abby format as a handbook, incorporating humor, insight, and sensitivity in her direct answers to the myriad questions posed by her peers and their parents. Diana shows a remarkable talent for understanding their daily, practical living needs and experiences."--Newton M. Schiller, EdD, private practice

"Diana Bilezikian's Guide to Independent Living for Young Adults With Special Needs is an important contribution for all young adults, but especially those with special needs. Its style makes readers feel that they are part of the conversation, which is an important characteristic of any self-help book. The real importance of this book, however, is the fact it is not written by a so-called authority in the field. Instead, it relies on the experiences of a person who has actually been there and done that."--Eugene G. Sander, PhD, former president, provost, and dean, University of Arizona

"Diana has worked hard to develop her independent living skills and has written a wonderful book in which she shares her knowledge. She writes with an insider s view of the issues that need to be addressed as the child with special needs moves toward adulthood. The format is engaging and accessible, and the book covers many topics that are relevant to the development of adult life skills. This book will be helpful to young adults, their parents, teachers, and counselors. I recommend it highly."--Linda S. Podd, PhD, psychologist

Diana Bilezikian is a graduate of Scarsdale High School and Chapel Haven, a program for independent living based in New Haven, Connecticut. She lives and works in New Haven.

227 pages. 2014

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