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John Smith, Jane Donlan and Bob Smith

Create a Reward Plan for Your Child with Asperger Syndrome

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Reward plans encourage positive behavior using the incentive of earning rewards. This book provides a thorough nuts-and-bolts guide to creating a reward plan for your child with Asperger syndrome (AS) to help him or her develop positive behaviors, such as social and communication skills.

John Smith, Jane Donlan and their son Bob, who was diagnosed with AS at age eight, explain the importance of keeping a reward plan positive, specific and challenging enough to be stimulating. Helping your child to learn about positive behavior while gaining a sense of achievement, a reward plan increases self-esteem, confidence and independence.

Create a Reward Plan for Your Child with Asperger syndrome is full of advice and practical suggestions for how to tailor a reward plan to meet your child's specific needs.

John Smith is a mental health social worker and father of Bob.

Jane Donlan is Bob's mum and is responsible for Bob's home-education.

Bob Smith is twelve years old and was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at age eight. He, his parents and his dogs live in the north of England.

112 pages. 2008



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