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Toni Flowers

The Color of Autism

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Voted "Teacher of the Year" by ASA, Toni Flowers invites readers to learn from, tweak, and refine the strategies she's used during her quarter-century of teaching children with autism. Chock-full of great ideas, this book tackles some of the thorniest problems (runners, homework, screamers, setting limits, aggression, etc.) facing teachers and parents.

Helpful chapters include:

... Challenges and Expectations: The Child with Autism Can Learn

... So Many Words--So Little Time: Change Your Way of Communicating

... I Never Met a Person with Autism I Didn't Like: The Importance of Teacher/Student Bonding

... The Classroom: Designing a Place to Learn

... Schedules: Making Sense of the Day

... The Fine Art of Cueing

... To Self-Stim--Or Not to Self-Stim

... School and Beyond: Homework

... Activities: The Daily Grind

137 pages. 2002



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