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Autism Partnership: Ron Leaf, John McEachin, and Mitchell Taubman

Bullying and ASD: The Perfect Storm Booklet & DVD

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The authors of A Work In Progress, follow up with this companion series that synthesizes solid information on various teaching strategies with demonstrations of actual sessions with students on DVD.

The goal has been to blend a natural, child-friendly approach to teaching while remaining determinedly systematic. This series offers viewers the unique opportunity to see these approaches implemented in actual teaching environments.

Volume 6 in the Work In Progress Companion Series focuses on the tools needed to help children with autism combat bullying. Sadly, bullying has reached epidemic proportions in our schools, causing students both physical and psychological harm. Students with ASD are particularly at risk because of their behavior issues and their vulnerability. It is not surprising that more than 60% of children with ASD have been bullied at some point of their life. Traditional ways of combating bullying are not only ineffective, but often make the problem worse. This volume provides practical suggestions that help prevent the devastation of bullying.

Parents and teachers will find this series to be a helpful companion and extension to A Work in Progress. All author proceeds from A Work in Progress Companion Series will go directly to the Autism Partnership Family Foundation which was developed to provide services to families with limited resources; to fund research that will investigate new strategies and programs that truly make a difference in the lives of children and families; and to disseminate information about evidence-based treatment and provide resources for training parents and professionals.

12 pages. 2013

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