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Warren Buckleitner

Buckleitner's Guide to Using Tablets with Young Children

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Children's technology guru Warren Buckleitner offers educators and families his expert advice in this valuable guide to making smart choices about technology and young children.

When used correctly, tablets offer great promise for learning and fun among young children. However, many parents and teachers are concerned or unsure how to incorporate technology into the habits of children in their care.

Buckleitner's Guide is written to ease this common stress with good information: easy tips, objective reviews, and recommendations for the best apps on the market. The guide focuses on choosing the right products for children, and creating a valuable context through which the products can be a tool to learn.

With recommendations by age and subject area, the guide offers important details and considerations for navigating the complex and ever-changing world of digital technology for children. Some topics covered include:

... The basics: Choosing the right device, storage size, and protective case

... Apps: How to pick one appropriate for your children

... Expert tips: How to "child-proof" your tablet and troubleshoot problems

You'll get answers to some important questions:

... Which features should I consider when buying a device for children?

... What is the best way to protect a tablet against a drop on the floor?

... What are the best apps to help a child become a reader, scientist, or artist?

... How do I protect children against inappropriate content and ads?

... How can I keep children engaged in developing digital skills?

"Parents and educators will find Buckleitner's Guide to Using Tablets With Young Children to be an invaluable asset. Its pages concisely (yet fairly exhaustively) illuminate key areas to consider when choosing a tablet and putting it at your child's fingertips. The book's author is a parent, teacher, and founding editor of Children's Technology Review whose writing style is as enjoyable as it is informative, making for a surprisingly effective and entertaining read. The 4 chapters - Advice about Using Tablets, Considerations When Choosing Apps, Recommended Apps by Age and by Subject, and Keeping Up with Changes - each contain a wealth of information organized so as to allow readers to quickly absorb the material and put it to use, a huge asset for busy parents. The book includes plenty of easy-to-use tips and tricks regarding kids and tablets, including ones that help parents minimize potential downsides while maximizing the educational and entertainment value. "--Tillywig Toy Awards (A Tillywig Award Winner, 2016)

Warren Buckleitner, PhD, is a parent, teacher, and founding editor of Children's Technology Review, an electronic subscription service that publishes reviews of interactive media products. For ten years, he covered children's technology for the New York Times. Buckleitner is an adjunct professor at the College of New Jersey. He holds a BS in elementary education, an MS in human development, and a doctorate in educational psychology from Michigan State University.

104 pages. 2016

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