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Elisabeth Hollister Sandberg and Becky L. Spritz

A Brief Guide to Autism Treatments

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The number of intervention options available for children with autism can be overwhelming for parents.

This book provides brief, user-friendly descriptions of the most commonly publicized treatments for autism, summarizing the available information in an objective and accessible way.

Each short chapter covers a single treatment from applied behavior analysis to gluten-free casein-free diets, as well as lesser known therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Each includes a definition and description; a summary of the prevailing information gleaned from popular press; an explanation of what the science says; and an idea of potential costs to parents and schools.

This straight-talking and practical guide will allow parents of newly-diagnosed children, as well as any professionals working alongside them, to sift through the avalanche of advice and make their own informed choices about treatment.

Elisabeth Hollister Sandberg, PhD, is a cognitive development psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee.

Becky L. Spritz, PhD, is a child cinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island. They are the authors of A Clinician's Guide to Normal Cognitive Development in Childhood.

176 pages. 2012

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