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Pat Wolfe

The Brain-Compatible Classroom

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Catalog No. 27494As a result of the extensive research on brain functioning and neuroscience, a new field has emerged called "Neuroeducation" or Mind, Brain and Education. The emphasis of this field is to find the applications of scientific research for the classroom. Written by world renowned expert on brain-compatible learning, Dr. Pat Wolfe, this reference guide focuses on the findings from this new field and their implications for classroom instruction. In addition to a basic understanding of how the brain functions, specific classroom strategies are presented that transform the research into practice. The guide includes:

Understanding the field of "Neuroeducation" ... The myths of brain research

An Information Processing Model ... The brain's search for meaning

The role of emotion in learning ... And much, much more!

Create a "brain-compatible" classroom by designing instruction that is based on the latest research. Become a 21st Century classroom where brain research drives instructional decision-making!

Laminated Reference Guide

6 pages. 2010

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