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James Redford

The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia DVD

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Official Selection of the 2013 American Film Showcase.

Parent's Choice Award--Gold Medal Winner 2013

Since 1 in 5 people are dyslexic, The Big Picture--a film that demystifies dyslexia--is hailed around the world as a "must see" for everyone. The film provides personal and uplifting accounts of the dyslexic experience from children, experts and iconic leaders, such as Sir Richard Branson and financier Charles Schwab. Drs. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz, co-founders of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity share their insights gleaned from their decades long research into this perplexing disability.

Directed by James Redford, the film dispels the misconceptions about the condition. It also paints a picture of hope by proving that dyslexia is a neurological issue and not a character flaw. The Big Picture beautifully illustrates that while the condition is an obstacle, it also carries some unique advantages, and ultimately can be overcome.

"Busts any preconceptions on what people with dyslexia can achieve." --New York Times

"Fascinating, straightforward and revealing." --San Francisco Chronicle

"An exemplary example of educational documentary filmmaking." --Hollywood Reporter

51 min + extras, CC. 2013

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