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Jacquelyn Marquette

Becoming Remarkably Able

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Tapping into their gifts and strengths can lead youth to growth, independent living and increased community involvement.

Preparing youth with autism spectrum and related disorders ages 12 and older for life after high school requires new thinking and new actions from everyone so that options for our youth lead to continued personal growth and increased quality of life. Becoming Remarkably Able is a system of ongoing assessments with action steps. The model is designed for family members and professionals to guide an individual through an exploration process to identify strengths and gifts that supports emotional needs and promotes growth.

The activities are based upon real-life experiences from the author's research, to include her son Trent, who has autism. Because every one has strengths, this resource is helpful for individuals who are high functioning as well as for those who have more significant disabilities. With a focus on increased capability or independence, Becoming Remarkably Able helps establish goals and pursue paths for students during transition in the quest for a true "quality of life."

In Becoming Remarkably Able, Jackie Marquette provides the guidance and the blueprint for helping professionals and parents move away from a deficit orientation to a celebration of the abilities and strengths of persons with autism and related disabilities. By learning to energize the spirit of all persons, regardless of their challenges, we ultimately become more in touch with our own humanity.--Barry M. Prizant, PhD, CCC-SLP, adjunct professor, Center for the Study of Human Development, Brown University and co-author of the SCERTS Model (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support)

At last - a refreshing, vital, and proactive book that challenges society to reinvent how we understand disability. The whole family, professionals, and people with disabilities themselves can make use of the strengths-based exercises, frank discussions, and new concepts presented.... Jackie Marquette's belief that all individuals across the autism and developmental disability spectrums have the right and the ability to grow up and be part of life comes through clearly and inspires and compels us as a society to "walk the path" toward true, meaningful inclusion.--Zosia Zaks, disability advocate and consultant; author of Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults

Ann Turnbull, a veteran of adult transition and Co-Director (with her husband Rud) of the Beach Center on Disability at the University of Kansas, writes in her foreword to Becoming Remarkably Able,

After reading Becoming Remarkably Able, I had flashbacks of our family's own transition 17 years ago when JT, our 37-year old son who has cognitive and mental health challenges, was transitioning from high school to adulthood. We could have surely used this workbook at that time. The major challenge was that the services and supports in our community that were available were not consistent with JT's values, strengths, preferences, and needs, nor of ours. The available path was not the right one for JT and our family. And the last thing that we wanted to do was to start yet another community program that would, indeed, reflect our values. Our decision was to embark on the path in terms of trying to improve the existing available services and supports which resulted in a very frustrating and unsatisfactory experience for everyone. In other words, it was a path that resulted in JT becoming "remarkably DISabled." I will always recall the advice given to us by a family friend at that time, "Ann and Rud, no matter how far down the wrong path you go, if it's the wrong path, turn around." We did turn around, and I'm delighted to say that 17 years later JT and our family are on the path to independence and, yes, to BEYOND.

As I reflect, oh, how easier it would have been if we had had Jackie's workbook.... I highly recommend Becoming Remarkably Able. From my own professional and family experiences, this, indeed, is a remarkable resource.

265 pages. 2007

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