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Erik Linthorst

Autistic-Like: Graham's Story (2-DVD Box Set)

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Catalog No. 28210When their son was just 15 months old, Erik and Jennie Linthorst suspected something was not quite right. Experts and therapists told them their son was autistic. Sort of. Maybe. Some called him autistic-like. Others said he was not autistic at all.

With his parents still seeking a clear diagnosis, Graham was launched into a program of behavioral therapy. Speech therapy. Occupational therapy. Soon after the therapy began, Erik and Jennie noticed something else: the treatment he was getting didn't seem to be on target. Erik took on the conundrum confronting many parents of kids who are "mildly disordered." Handed a fuzzy diagnosis, what should the treatment be?

Autistic-Like is an intimate family portrait showing one dad's determined quest to find the right therapies, the right doctors, and even the right words to describe his son.

As he searched, Erik began wondering how other families in the same situation fare. What did it really mean, "autistic-like"? And how should or could these parents help their kids? Autistic-Likeilluminates the

medical, social and public health issues faced by families whose autistic-like children have no clear diagnosis, and are offered no specific treatment.

This is the 2-DVD box set"--much more than the DVD alone. The set includes:

. Original awarding-winning film

. 8-minute Update Film: Where is Graham Now?

. BONUS Interviews with leading experts from the film

. BONUS Interviews with Parents

. Full-color Guidebook with discussion prompts and suggested reading

50 minutes + bonus material. 2009

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