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Elaine Hall, Rosanne Katon, Kristen Stills and Stephen Stills

Autism: The Musical DVD

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Autism: The Musical follows the extraordinary acting coach Elaine Hall, five children with autism, and their parents as they heroically mount an original stage production. Through trial and error, tears and laughter, these incredible families learn to communicate their feelings in song and performance, finding solace and joy in the act of creating.

A feast of astounding breakthroughs, this spellbinding film offers a full-throated celebration of kids living with an increasingly prevalent disorder. Director Tricia Regan vividly captures the individual personalities and problems of each child, from precocious Henry who talks a mile-a-minute about dinosaurs, to Neal, a sensitive and articulate boy who nonetheless struggles to speak at all. The parents, too, are fascinating studies in unconditional love, especially Elaine, the mastermind behind the musical and mother of Neal.

A consciousness-raising and empathetic portrait of children and their families living with autism, Autism: The Musical celebrates the spark of humanity in each of us. "Moving, dramatic, therapeutic and unburdened by reliance on talking heads"(Variety), this film will change the way you look at autism.

DVD extras include:

... Companion Guide

... Deleted Scenes

... About Autism Speaks;

... About Elaine Hall's Miracle Project

... Filmmaker Biography

"Amazing... it will have audiences cheering long before the final act."--Boston Globe

"With diagnosed cases of the disease rapidly escalating in America throughout the last decade, this documentary's exploration of alternative methods of treatment seems opportune, not to mention downright joyous at times."--Variety .

93 minutes + extras. 2008

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