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Robert A. Naseef

Autism in the Family

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How can parents provide the best support for their child with autism--and ensure that the whole family's needs are met?

It's a question faced by every parent of a child on the autism spectrum, and this book answers it with keen insight, reassuring honesty, and practical guidance. A psychologist and father of an adult son with autism, Dr. Robert Naseef has both personal and professional expertise to share with overwhelmed families. Weaving wisdom from years of clinical practice with candid first-hand insights on parenting a child from birth through adulthood, Naseef helps parents

. navigate the complex emotional journey to acceptance

. guide their child's behavior and development at every age

. maintain a strong and mutually supportive marriage

. understand the needs of siblings and provide sensitive support

. collaborate effectively with professionals

. address specific issues like meltdowns, food sensitivities, sleeping, and toileting

. manage stress

. build a strong circle of support with family and friends

Using Naseef's popular Special Children, Challenged Parents as a starting point, this completely reworked and revised new book reflects 10 years of change, both in the author's life and in the autism field. Parents will benefit from new chapters on navigating their child's adolescence and adulthood, expanded and updated information on autism, and rare in-depth coverage of the needs, emotions, and parenting experiences of fathers. A warm, down-to-earth, and practical guide for parents--and an enlightening read for the professionals who work with them--this book will be a valuable companion as families love and support their child with autism.

"Eloquently translate[s] the latest research into terms understandable to all . . . the author walks you through the field of autism spectrum disorders in a way that is unmatched. I highly recommend it!"--V. Mark Durand, University of South Florida, Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

"A comprehensive view of autism across the lifespan . . . Naseef encourages readers to understand and accept those with ASD, and to ultimately connect, adapt, cope, hope, and flourish."--Emily Iland, award-winning author, educator, parent, and advocate; President of the Autism Society of Los Angeles

"Beautifully written by Dr. Naseef, both a parent and professional, Autism in the Family explores the depths of the experience of autism, with practical guidance for a true holistic approach that is essential reading for family members and professionals."--Barry Prizant, Adjunct Professor, Center for the Study of Human Development, Brown University; Director, Childhood Communication Services, Cranston, RI

"A lifeline of support, guidance, research, and practice. With his firsthand experience as a parent, psychologist and advocate , Dr. Naseef has created an invaluable resource for families as well as for educators and clinicians."--Barbara Firestone, President and CEO, The Help Group

288 pages. 2013

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