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Jennie Chapman Linthorst

Autism Disrupted

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A collection of poems about motherhood, marriage and being a woman.

Jennie Chapman Linthorst is the founder of LifeSPEAKS Poetry Therapy, providing insight and guidance for people of all ages seeking an outlet through expressive writing. Jennie has facilitated poetry therapy workshops at UC Irvine Extension, the University of Santa Monica, and in retirement homes and women s centers. In addition to her workshops, Jennie works privately with individuals and parents exploring their personal histories through reading and writing poetry.

Jennie holds a BA in Psychology from Skidmore College, and has completed her certification as a Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator from the National Association of Poetry Therapy. In 2011, she received her master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, emphasizing the evolution of human consciousness. Jennie wrote about her own journey as a mother of a child with special needs in her book of poems, Autism Disrupted: A Mother s Journey of Hope. Her poetry and essays have been featured online at Hopeful Parents, Our Journey Through Autism, WOW! Women on Writing, Sensory Flow, and The Gift: A Blog for Caregivers of Sensational Children, and others. The compelling story of her son s diagnosis of autism and sensory processing disorder, and the success with early intervention therapies is captured in the award-winning documentary film Autistic-Like: Graham's Story. Today, Jennie coaches clients all across the country and around the world via phone, Skype, and email, in addition to in person meetings. Jennie lives in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband Erik, and their son Graham. She is a native of Knoxville, TN.

"Jennie captures the hearts and souls of women who fear saying aloud what she is brave enough to reveal in her poetry. A must read for all women."--Carol Dukes, author of Here We Are!

"Jennie Linthorst s book is an inspiring testament to the challenging emotional journey of raising a child with special needs. Her heartfelt personal poetry depicting daily life gives the reader a real look into the sense of fear, loss, determination, love and ultimately acceptance that every special needs mom goes through."--Hartley Steiner, author of This is Gabriel Making Sense of School and Sensational Journeys

"In using the simple phrase that 'life has thrown me overboard' to describe the complexity of her son's challenges, Jennie s honest words convey a range of emotions that parents of special needs children will relate to very easily."--Phillip Hain, Executive Director, Autism Speaks, Los Angeles Chapter

95 pages. 2011



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