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Angela R. Baker and Christina Bell

Autism and DD at School

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This book includes a no-nonsense screening tool (the Baker-Bell Occupational Therapy Screening--BBOTS), as well as low-prep, highly engaging treatment ideas related to school-based occupation. The authors opted to keep the nitty-gritty details to a minimum for two reasons. They want you to be able to tote this fabulous, featherlight book with you as you trudge from school to school (to school, to school, etc.), without being ergonomically compromised. And second, to encourage your creativity and clinical reasoning as an occupational therapist. Their goal is for these ideas to work as well for you as they have in their own practice.

Teachers: It's true, this book was written by therapists, for therapists. But they know that you are a highly qualified educator and are constantly in pursuit of innovative curricular activities. Use this book with students of all abilities to infuse new and exciting programming into your current lesson plans. Their ideas will enhance your ongoing efforts to close achievement gaps.

Parents: for you, the authors hope that you and your child enjoy the activities in this book, and applaud your efforts to assist your child in making developmental progress.

84 pages. 2007



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