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Abigail Werner James. Illustrated by Kaiyee Tay

Autism and Appropriate Touch

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Children and teens with autism spectrum disorder can find the complicated social rules around touch very difficult, and this can leave them vulnerable.

This educational resource provides ready-to-use lessons with photocopiable worksheets to teach about appropriate touch and social boundaries in family, educational, and community settings.

This is a practical educational resource to help teach the social rules of touch and personal space to children and teens with autism spectrum disorder with the aim of keeping them safe and helping them to understand what are appropriate interactions in family, educational and community situations.

The lessons in the book look at different groups of people that the child is likely to encounter such as close family members, teachers, peers, strangers and medical professionals. Through photocopiable worksheets and activities children are taught about different types of touch and in what settings, where on the body, and for how long touch is appropriate with each group. The book also includes discussion on how best to teach the child to recognize if someone touches them inappropriately and what is appropriate when it comes to self-touch.

"Easy to understand and more importantly to implement, Autism and Appropriate Touch will be invaluable to anyone struggling to teach a child on the autism spectrum the hidden curriculum of appropriate touch."--Davida Hartman, Senior Educational Psychologist and author of Sexuality and Relationship Education for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

136 pages. 2015

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