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Thomas E. Brown

Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults

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... Winner of the Will Solimene Award for Excellence in Medical Communication from the New England Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association (2006)

Myths about attention deficit disorder/attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) abound. This disorder frequently goes unrecognized, and even when diagnosed may be inadequately treated. In this up-to-date and clearly written book, a leading expert offers a new way of understanding ADD. Drawing on recent findings in neuroscience and a rich variety of case histories from his own clinical practice, Dr. Thomas E. Brown describes what ADD syndrome is, how it can be recognized at different ages, and how it can best be treated.

This is the first book to address the perplexing question about ADD: how can individuals, some very bright, be chronically unable to "pay attention," yet be able to focus very well on specific tasks that strongly interest them? Dr. Brown disputes the "willpower" explanation and explains how inherited malfunctions of the brain's management system prevent some people from being able to deal adequately with challenging tasks of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. His book is an authoritative and practical guide for physicians and psychologists, parents and teachers, and the 7 to 9 percent of persons who suffer from ADD/ADHD

"Dr. Brown gives us valuable glimpses into the lives of people suffering from ADHD and explains the theory and science behind this complex disorder and the impact it can have on the lives of children, adolescents and adults. Readers will come away with new insights and a treasure trove of essential strategies to effectively manage ADHD and related conditions."--Harvey C. Parker, PhD, Co-founder of CHADD and author of Problem Solver Guide for Students with ADHD

"A timely, practical and much-needed text on a medical problem of enormous importance heretofore clouded by public misconception, scientific uncertainty and uninformed political debate. Brown provides us with a welcome entry into a lucid empirical discussion of the subject. His clinical rationale is exquisitely attuned to both the critical assessment of statistical fact and the unique human situation of each patient."--Joaquin M. Fuster, University of California, Los Angeles

"Attention Deficit Disorders documents Tom Brown's thirty years of listening to patients of all ages who tried, but could not 'pay attention.' Patients will recognize the quality of the deficits that have hampered them, and meet others with similar difficulties. Tom Brown's approach is not that of the DSM-IV and he does not shy away from controversy. This is the first book to take 'focus' itself as its primary focus, both clinically and in its summary of current science. This is in itself an important beginning."--Margaret Weiss, author of ADHD in Adulthood

Thomas E. Brown, PhD, is assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine, and associate director of the Yale Clinic for Attention and Related Disorders. He is author of the Brown Attention Deficit Disorder Scales for Children, Adolescents, and Adults and editor of a textbook, Attention Deficit Disorders and Comorbidities in Children, Adolescents, and Adults

384 pages. 2006

... Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2006 by Choice Magazine

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