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Dianne Craft

"At Bat" Level 1-A Craft Right Brain Student Reader Set

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Are you looking for a student reader your child will love...because of the success he will experience right away?

The first Student Reader in the series, At Bat" (Level 1-A) was created to teach very struggling older readers, or beginning readers up to mid-year first grade level. (1.1 reading level) You can download the Reading Assessment to determine which book to start your student from the website home page "Where Do I start?" What makes these Student Readers different from other decodable readers (decodable means phonics-based)? Each new word introduced in a particular order. This gives predictable success for all readers (particularly when no other reading books have worked) These Readers are remarkably effective for students with dyslexia. Picture-imbedded Right Brain Phonics sounds are prominently featured on each page for easy recall while reading.

Zany "Instant Success" Right Brain Sight Word Cards specially made for each reading book, to make reading easy right away (included with each reader) We take care of the eyes! Word reversals and eye fatigue are greatly reduced by adding Colored Reading Transparencies. You will be surprised how this helps reading.

No pictures for no guessing. Detailed teaching instructions are included in each Reader and in each set of Sight Word Cards.


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