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Brian Friedlander

Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know

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Catalog No. 27277While many of us are empowered by computer technology in our personal lives, this has not always been the case for students who have been identified with physical and special learning needs. As great advances are made in the field of assistive technology (AT), it becomes increasingly more important for both general and special education professionals to become more knowledgeable about AT applications, as well as ways to increase students' access to the most appropriate tools.

With increased inclusion of students with disabilities into general education classrooms, it is essential that child study teams, IEP teams, RTI teams and other similar problem-solving teams consider what AT assessments and services may be necessary to support these students in their instructional programs.

This laminated reference guide includes a wide range of AT hardware and software solutions to address a number of areas including:

... Communication

... Writing

... Organization

... Reading

... Multimedia

The difference between academic success and failure for students with disabilities may be the "access" to the general education curriculum that AT provides. A valuable tool for all educators working with special needs populations.

4 pages. 2010



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