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Keri Bowers

ARTS: A Film About Possibilities, Disabilities and The ARTS DVD

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Painting, drawing, writing, music, drama and other forms of arts are expressed beautifully by and through individuals with disabilities in Keri Bower's new film, ARTS.

Sharing the power of the arts used to improve social, emotional, cognitive, expressive, and life skills in individuals with challenges is at the heart of this glimpse into pure talent demonstrated by people with disabilities.

ARTS explores the possibilities of creating commercial and personal successes for young artists with various disabilities when encouraged and paired with professional artists working in a field closely related to the artists' area of talent. From fine art, including painting, drawing and photography, to writing, music, drama and other forms of art, the film explores how the arts can create invaluable opportunities for development and growth for persons with disabilities. From social and life skill development, to self-esteem and self-awareness, the film concludes that for those with artistic gifts, career goals can be achieved.



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