Shonna L. Tuck

Getting from Me to We

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Help children aged 7 and younger with ADHD, anxiety, autism, language delays or behavior issues develop the foundational skills necessary to form connections & friendships.

Many children age seven and under who struggle with social skills--especially those with autism, ADHD, anxiety, language delays, or behavior issues--find themselves perpetually on the sidelines, in timeout, or ignored by their peers in school and on the playground. It's incredibly painful and worrisome for their parents to witness, but fortunately, they are not powerless to help their kids improve their social IQ.

Getting from Me to We helps parents understand the roots of these problems, which take hold at a very young age, and give their kids the foundational skills necessary to form connections and friendships with other children. The book explains how parents can teach their children social observing skills at an early stage in their development and identify:

... Where their child is on the social skills ladder

... How to set goals to fill in those gaps

... How and when to support their child during play

... How to identify play behaviors that hinder or help

... How to model good social skills and cues

Written by a speech-language pathologist and researcher with expertise in socially at risk kids, the book includes profiles of children who illustrate a wide variety of characteristics and behaviors that lead to social isolation, along with effective, well-designed activities that encourage joint attention, eye contact, and social interaction. Beyond its appeal to parents, Getting from Me to We will also garner interest from counselors, teachers, speech-language pathologists, social workers, and psychologists.

Shonna Tuck is a speech-language pathologist with special expertise in early identification and intervention for children who are at social risk. Her book is based on 20 years of research, advocacy, and a passion for helping children and their families.

275 pages. 2015

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