Marianne Perie

Teaching and Assessing Low-Achieving Students with Disabilities

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For lower-achieving students with disabilities, effective and appropriate alternate assessment based on modified achievement standards (AA-MAS) can open the door to greater expectations and opportunities. State policymakers have the option of providing certain students who have disabilities with AA-MAS aligned with grade-level content--and now there's a comprehensive, research-based guide that shows the way.

The most in-depth exploration of AA-MAS available, this book will help policymakers and administrators make the best decisions about the implementation of alternate assessments and provide guidance for teachers as they align instruction with state-determined content standards. Blending analysis of cutting-edge research with today's best assessment practices, a diverse panel of experts give readers complete guidance on the technical and practical aspects of AA-MAS, including

setting and evaluating criteria for participation in AA-MAS

ensuring access to the general curriculum, with special focus on reading and math standards

understanding cognitive development barriers to learning grade-level material

establishing clear links between assessment and content standards

designing and assembling test forms for AA-MAS

defining proficiency for the target population

setting appropriate cut scores on tests

incorporating modifications to items on tests

reviewing test items for accuracy, fairness, universal design, and psychometric concerns

accurately evaluating comparability between AA-MAS and general assessments

conducting a thorough validity evaluation for the AA-MAS

determining the impact of the AA-MAS on the state accountability system

To support readers as they meet the challenges of assessing what lower-achieving students know, this essential volume also gives them helpful content such as a glossary of assessment terms, examples of test modifications, and goals associated with content standards in math and reading.

Ideal for use as a textbook or by policymakers seeking clear guidance on alternate assessment, this book will help schools make progress toward better instructing and assessing students with disabilities--and bringing about better academic outcomes.

344 pages. 2010

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