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Paula Kluth

"You're Going to Love this Kid!" Second edition

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More practical than ever--now with planning tools, forms, and a study guide!

Thousands of educators have turned to You're Going to Love this Kid! for fresh ways to welcome and teach students with autism--and now the book teachers trust is fully revised and more practical than ever! Gathering feedback from teachers across the country during her popular workshops, autism expert Paula Kluth targeted this second edition to the specific needs of today's primary- and secondary-school educators. Still packed with the ready-to-use tips and strategies that teachers are looking for, the new edition gives readers:

New forms and planning tools, including:

... Goal Setting for Your Inclusive School form

... photos of curricular adaptations, sensory supports, and classroom scenes

... Is Your School Inclusive? checklist

... Comfortable Classroom checklist

... Team Meeting Record Keeping template

... My IEP worksheet

... Co-Teaching Self-Assessment

... Strengths and Strategies Profile

--and more!

Table of Contents

About the Author


Eugene Marcus



1. Defining Autism

2. Understanding Inclusive Schooling

3. The Role of the Teacher

4. Connecting with Families, with Eileen Yoshina

5. Creating a Comfortable Classroom

6. Friendships, Social Relationships, and Belonging

7. Building Communication Skills, Competencies, and Relationships

8. Teaching Literacy to Students with Autism, with Kelly Chandler-Olcott

9. Rethinking Behavior

10. Inclusive Pedagogy

11. Teaching Strategies

with Christi Kasa-Hendrickson

12. Collaboration and Cooperation in the Inclusive School


Append: Discussion Questions


"Provides the same incredibly practical information as the first edition and then some ... a very positive and upbeat state-of-the art resource that goes well beyond including students with autism and presents solid advice on best practices for a wide range of students."--June E. Downing, PhD. Professor Emeritus, California State University, Northridge

"A spectacular work, filled with thought-provoking wisdom that cultivates an appreciation for the positive potential inherent in every child on the autism spectrum, and practical suggestions for helping these kids shine! You're going to LOVE this book!"--Veronica Zysk, Managing Editor, Autism Asperger's Digest magazine

Foreword by Eugene Marcus

384 pages. 2010

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