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Laurie LeComer

A Parent's Guide to Developmental Delays

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Developmental delays affect millions of children each year, and often go undetected until an alert and caring parent recognizes there's a problem.

In A Parent's Guide to Developmental Delays, special education expert Laurie LeComer, MEd, provides essential information for any parent with a child who might have cognitive, physical, or emotional delays. Easy to understand, reassuring, and up-to-date, the book covers everything concerned parents need to know.

Using real-life examples and case studies along with checklists, exercises, and other hands-on advice, the book covers a range of delays and disorders that include autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorder, aggressive behavior, and motor-control problems. Topics include:

... Spotting the "red flags" of delayed development, for every age group

... Identifying your child's specific challenges

... Acting swiftly in order to gain the advantages of early intervention

... Getting a diagnosis and treatment plan that fits your child's needs

... Working with teachers, health professionals, and specialists for maximum results

... Tracking your child's progress

... Understanding your rights and making the most of every available resource

... Trusting your instincts in order to help your child learn, develop, and thrive

Laurie LeComer, MEd, is a program monitor, inclusion facilitator, and special education evaluator for children with known and suspected developmental delays and disabilities.

288 pages. 2006

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