Jon Bailey and Mary Burch

25 Essential Skills and Strategies for the Professional Behavior Analyst

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25 Essential Skills and Strategies for the Professional Behavior Analyst is a much-needed guidebook for behavior analysts who want to become successful at consulting.

Jon Bailey and Mary Burch present five basic skills and strategy areas that professional behavior analysts need to acquire. This book is organized around those five areas, with a total of 25 specific skills presented within those topics. Every behavior analyst, whether seasoned or beginning, should have this book.

Dr. Bailey received his PhD from the University of Kansas and is currently professor emeritus of psychology at Florida State University where he was on the graduate faculty for 38-years and produced a record 63 PhDs. He is currently Co-Director of the FSU Panama City Masters Program in Applied Behavior Analysis, recently cited in the New York Times as one of the top applied behavior analysis programs in the country. He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst; and has been an expert witness for the US Department of Justice and is a Fellow of the Association for Behavior Analysis: International and the American Psychological Association. He Past President of the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts and is Secretary/Treasurer and Program Chair of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis which he founded in 1980.

Dr. Bailey has published over 100 peer-reviewed research articles, is a past-Editor of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and is co-author of four recent books: Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis, How Dogs Learn, Ethics for Behavior Analysts, How to Think Like a Behavior Analyst, and most recently Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 2nd Expanded Edition, all co-authored with Dr. Mary Burch. In 2012 he received the prestigious Fred S. Keller Behavioral Education Award from APA Division 25.

Dr. Jon Bailey and Dr. Mary Burch have authored eight books and more than 500 articles in peer review and trade publications. Their books are listed on the "Required Reading" list for several professional organizations and they are featured columnists for the quarterly column, "Ethics Anyone?" appearing in the FABA Observer. Between them, Drs. Bailey and Burch are experts in several areas. Dr. Bailey and Dr. Burch are nationally recognized for their work in the area of ethics. Dr. Bailey is a nationally known expert in the fields of behavior analysis, performance management (using behavior procedures in work settings), and ethics. Dr. Burch is certified as a behavior analyst and she is internationally known for her behavioral writing related to animals. Their Welsh springer spaniel "Wyn" was ranked #1 in the country for his breed in for both obedience and agility competitions.

341 pages. 2009

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