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Visual Strategies Workshop DVD Program

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Learn about communication for autism spectrum disorders and related learning needs. This DVD program provides an introduction to using visual strategies with students with ASD.

Excellent in-service training for educators and parents who deal with the challenges of autism.

The Visual Strategies Workshop is a 5-part program recorded at a live presentation by Hodgdon based on her popular book, Visual Strategies for Improving Communication. The program is packed with samples and examples of successful visual strategies for students on the autism spectrum or with special learning needs.

Famed advocate of visual methods Linda Hodgdon teaches you to

... Identify significant factors in student learning and functioning style that affect communication.

... Informally assess the student s communication strengths and challenges. Recognize specific situations where communication breakdowns can affect student understanding, behavior, and participation.

... Create and use specific visual supports that have significantly improved student communication, behavior and participation.

Own this DVD set and you will have

... Economical, quality in-service training for continually changing staff. Exceptional training material to teach best practices for students with autism. Excellent resources for parent support and information.

... Extraordinary information for teacher education programs.

Use the Visual Strategies Workshop to provide quality information and training for:

... Teachers

... Teacher aides and one-on-one assistants

... Therapists, psychologists, social workers

... Other support staff

... Parents

... Administrators or anyone else who needs to understand the unique learning style and communication needs of your students with ASD

"The Visual Strategies Workshop is a wonderful resource that ultimately will add meaning to our interactions with children and adults on the autism spectrum. Just as Linda's books and presentations, this video reflects her signature style, and ability to share a wealth of information in a thoughtfully organized format tailored to parents and professionals. The workshop is clear and concise, with loads of practical examples. It is a timeless, valuable addition to any autism library."--Carol Gray, creator of Social Stories

"Linda Hodgdon's groundbreaking work on visual strategies have been instrumental in improving the lives of countless persons with ASD and other communication disabilities, and their families. Now educators, clinicians and parents can benefit from her insights and expertise in a comprehensive and an accessible educational package that presents innovative and effective approaches to helping persons who are challenged by communication difficulties. Essential information for practitioners who wish to remain at the cutting edge."--Barry M. Prizant, PhD, CCC-SLP, Director, Childhood Communication Services

"Excellent! Any person watching these videos will understand autism and the value of visual strategies. I watched the series and became entranced and informed. I particularly enjoyed the clarity of the presentation. . .The programs will be of great benefit to parents, teachers and speech pathologists. . . I know visual strategies work!"--Dr. Tony Attwood, clinical psychologist and author of Asperger s Syndrome

5 discs, running time 159 min. 2015. Full Screen, NTSC Region 1 (US and Canada.)

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