Maggie Mamen

The Pampered Child Syndrome

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The Pampered Child syndrome is a source of advice for parents or professionals working with children who are given all the love and care they need, yet who remain unhappy, anxious or angry.

This book argues that we live in a society where real progress has been made in the development of child-centered parenting, education and care, but that this cultural shift has produced a generation of children who are entitled to the same rights as adults but not ready to accept grown-up responsibilities--children who are "loved too much." Dr. Maggie Mamen describes common characteristics of the pampered child, and offers practical advice on how to strike an effective balance between caring for and nurturing children while at the same time maintaining authority and respect.

The Pampered Child syndrome also tackles the difficult issue of child mental health. Drawing on her professional expertise as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Maggie Mamen outlines how the "symptoms" of the pampered child can be similar to those used to diagnose many common emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric disorders. She flags up the danger of misdiagnosis and asserts the critical importance of maintaining a distinction, offering clear guidance on identifying genuine disorders.

This book will offer valuable support and encouragement to parents, teachers, and health and social care professionals who want to raise children who are confident, happy, healthy, and socially aware.

152 pages. 2005

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