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Stephen G. Peters

Teaching to Capture and Inspire All Learners

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Reflecting Stephen G. Peters' (the Peters Group) motivational workshops, this resource provides practical guidelines for influencing school culture and inspiring higher student performance based on understanding today's learners. The book provides strategies and tested techniques that have transformed struggling schools into national and state blue-ribbon winners. The author, well-known for creating the "Gentleman's Club," invites students who are considered at risk to participate in the decision-making process of school change. Eloquently illustrating the immediate need for improvement in our schools, this resource covers:

... The expanded roles for educators leading change initiatives

... The reasons why many students do not perform well

... Practical, specific tips for turning a vision for change into a school's reality

"Principals and teacher leaders will welcome this unique approach that can bring about meaningful transformations in students, teachers, and entire school communities. This book continually comes back to the relationships formed between students and staff. Using an array of statistics and personal observations, Peters calls upon the heart and the conscience of the educator when asking you to 'bring your best' every day into the classroom."--From the Foreword by Alan M. Blankstein

128 pages. 2007



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