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Barry M. Prizant, Amy M. Wetherby, Emily Rubin and Amy C. Laurent


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With the SCERTS Easy-Score CD-ROM, it's never been easier to assess and improve the communication and social-emotional abilities of children with autism spectrum disorders. Professionals will quickly complete the SCERTS scoring process and ensure accuracy with...

... Automated scoring and summary calculation. Save time with automated scoring for all the observation and summary forms, automated tabulation of the SCERTS Profile summary and Social-Emotional Growth Indicators, and automatically generated graphical representations of scores.

... Printable forms. Now professionals will have easy-to-print PDFs of the SCERTS forms, including the SAP-Report Form, SAP-Observation and Summary Forms, SAP Activity Planning Form, and all the worksheets for all 3 communication stages. Forms are now clustered by communication stage, so users can print forms for an entire stage with the click of a button.

... Side-by-side view of up to four assessments for a child, so professionals can easily track a child's progress over time.

... Data export feature for easier data management.

... New Spanish and British English translations of the SAP-Report.

 With this convenient, time-saving CD-ROM, professionals will make the most of SCERTS and ensure better outcomes for children with autism.

 CD-ROM / available for PC only, requires Windows 2000 or higher. 2010



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