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They're here!


Look no further.

You won't find the popular MoveAbout Cards any place else. (We import them.)

Fidget Cubes are all the rage, and we have them--in stock (no waiting).

The sand-filled Frog represents his whole weighted tribe, which includes snakes and lizards. They're cute toys, good gifts, and they make excellent paperweights.


Spotlight on: Profectum 5th International Conference


...Just a few of the books we're bringing to PROFECTUM!

Special Needs Project

is the conference bookstore

These featured speakers will sign copies of their work.

March 31 - April 1, 2017  |  Honoring Individual Differences  |  Pasadena, CA
A ground-breaking conference dedicated to providing information on strength-based approaches informed by the latest neuroscience.
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